Quieting New Zealand "One space at a time"

Applications & Uses

Wall Applications / Pre-Construction

Normal Wood Stud Wall


Acoustiblok Wood Stud Wall

Normal Steel Stud Wall


Acoustiblok Steel Stud Wall


Double Steel Stud Wall

Maximum Sound Isolation: Highest Standard in the Industry

Floor Applications / Pre-Construction

Tile Flooring


Tile with Suspended Ceiling



Carpeted Flooring


Hardwood on Pan Floor


Tile on Pan Floor

Wood Flooring on Joists


Wood Flooring with Gypcrete®

Acoustiblok in Walls

Condominium and Apartment Sound Proofing
This problem is rarely addressed properly. To maximize square feet in the floor plan, common walls of adjoining units are usually built to minimum fire code standards, or a block wall at best is used. To that, firing strips, fiberglass insulation, and perhaps some heavier plaster board is added.

This, however, does little as a sound barrier, because there is still a solid mechanical connection from one side to the other. These walls transmit too much sound, as they do very little to absorb sound energy. To stop sound transmission, if space and money allow, a separate, non-connected stud wall with Acoustiblok® on the inside is recommended.

Also, consider the ceilings and floors. Wood floors and carpet may be laid on top of this product. Conversations and other audio transmissions between floors are tremendously reduced when installing Acoustiblok. Of course, the less sound getting into the floors or ceiling joists the less that is mechanically carried into the adjoining dwelling.

Home Theater Sound Proofing
With the high energy of today’s home theater sound systems, sound reduction to the rest of the house should be taken seriously (during or before construction if possible). Acoustiblok is used extensively for sound blocking in home theater applications. Ease of installation is also an important factor. Using Acoustiblok on walls, floors, ceilings, and doors, all create easy and meaningful reductions in sound transmission. The subwoofer should have the mechanical connection to the floor (or furniture) reduced with isolation pads, then use Acoustiblok wherever possible around it.

Another benefit of Acoustiblok treatment is the improved definition in room bass response, largely due to the damping and rigidity characteristics that are added to all treated surfaces, resulting in clearer and tighter bass performance.

New Home Construction
“At last an easy to use product to stop sound transmission”. Stop outside noise from disturbing you in your new home. Ever notice how some of the best real estate is still on a well traveled road or you wake up to your neighbors dog barking at 3 a.m.? Acoustiblok properly installed on the exterior walls of your home can make a very significant difference in what outside noise you have to tolerate. Simple to install, it also helps insulate the home. You should also consider sound proofing* the kids room, the master bedroom and the game or theater room. If you are planning to resell the home the Acoustiblok sound blocking can be a meaningful financial asset to the home.

Existing Residential Construction
Acoustiblok can still give great benefit when properly installed on existing walls attics, or under carpet or wood floors. As Acoustiblok does not condense it may be installed before hardwood floor is installed. It decreases greatly not only the sound in the room below (if such) but also deadens much of the sound of walking on the floors.

Marine Sound Proofing
Acoustiblok makes very apparent reductions in engine noise or generator noise when properly installed. The product is unaffected by moisture and temperature tested to 93.34deg. C (200° F) with no deformation, and it is non corroding. Also greatly reduces sounds when used in bulk heads. An excellent sound proofing* product for marine use.

Automotive Sound Proofing
Road noise and engine noise can be reduced greatly with Acoustiblok when properly installed. The interior environment becomes much quieter and all audio systems, at low or high level, will perform noticeably better. It is unaffected by moisture, heat tolerant to 200® F (93.34deg. C) and allows for easy application in doors, floor boards and interior fire walls. Unlike other soft tar like products Acoustiblok sound proofing* materials will not compress with time or weight when used under the carpet. It easily cuts with shears or box knife. Tractor trailer cab floors and interior fire walls can be lined with Acoustiblok for significant sound reduction.

Unique Noise Problems
Acoustiblok can be used in hundreds of other ways. As it is very plyable, noise creating items can be wrapped with it. I.E. motors, water and drain pipes (one must consider however any cooling requirements as the wrapping will inhibit air movementand keep heat in.)

  • Around noisy office equipment, printers, etc.
  • Heavy machinery areas
  • Train areas
  • Airport areas-Military equipment