Quieting New Zealand "One space at a time"

Acoustiblok 6 mm (1/4″)

Acoustiblok offers high performance sound reduction solutions for multifamily projects, condominiums, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, construction sites, industrial areas and other projects where privacy and sound control are important.

Acoustiblok is a heavy, yet very flexible viscoelastic polymer material that provides sound reduction through a unique adiabatic process. Rather than attempting to block or absorb sound, Acoustiblok transforms sound energy into inaudible friction energy as the material flexes from sound waves. A 3 mm (1/8") thick layer in a single stud wall assembly (STC 53) can provide more sound reduction than 305 mm (12 inches) of poured concrete (STC 51). Acoustiblok is UL classified for wall, floor and ceiling fire-rated assemblies; it is nailed or stapled to wood framing or screwed to metal framing prior to plasterboard, ceiling or floor installation.

Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels, with an inner layer of Acoustiblok Sound Isolation Material, are designed to withstand hostile indoor or outdoor environments. These rigid framed sound panels not only absorb extreme levels of sound with a rated NRC of 1.0, but also block sound with an STC rating of 30 with only a 61 mm (2.41") panel thickness.

The panels are easily installed and easily moved. They resist sun, water, dirt, UV and mold and are suitable for indoor and outdoor high energy noise applications: roadway, railway, HVAC, gymnasiums, construction, engine and generator rooms and many other industrial projects.


Acoustiblok Sound Isolation Material is a 3 mm (1/8") or 6 mm (1/4") thick proprietary viscoelastic polymer with a high density mineral content.

Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels are constructed using a specifically engineered 51 mm (2") thick weather resistant sound absorbing material and a layer of Acoustiblok Sound Isolation Material. They are available frameless or with a stainless steel frame. The frame is a welded 18 gauge 304 stainless steel construction with solid brass threaded mounting eyelets. The cover fabric is capable of withstanding outdoor exposure in full sunlight and harsh weather conditions.