Quieting New Zealand "One space at a time"


Acoustifence Specifications

Unlike wood fences or landscaping (which do very little to block sound), the Acoustifence does extraordinarily well in not only blocking sound but also producing far less reflective sound than solid walls do. It is easily installed or removed in less than one hour. Totally NON-mold and UV tolerant, this material is virtually indestructible and does a wonderful job as a sound barrier.

Independent lab tests of the Acoustifence material shows an STC of 28, which represents to the human ear approximately an 85% reduction in sound. However, results will vary, relative to surrounding sound reflective objects, i.e., buildings, and how much of the fence is installed.

The manufacturer suggests you consider your noise source as a bright light bulb on a very dark night. To reduce that light the first step is to put a barrier (Acoustifence) between it and you, blocking the direct light. Other objects in the area not blocked by the Acoustifence, will of course reflect an amount of reduced light to you. Sound will act in the same manner.

As Acoustiblok® is concerned about all pollution, the Acoustifence is 100% recyclable and comprised of over 64% recycled materials, the remainder being inert minerals.


Other features of Acoustifence:

  • UV Tolerant
  • Paintable (acrylic latex vinyl based)
  • Easy to install or remove from existing fence
  • Impervious to water
  • Totally non-mold (rated 10 of 10)
  • Made from over 90% recycled or organic material
  • 100% recyclable
  • Vermin proof
  • Easily washed
  • STC 28 independent lab certified
  • Made in U.S.A. from all U.S. materials

Acoustifence vs. Padded Sound Blankets

Unlike padded “blanket sound barriers,” the Acoustifence:

  • Is only 1/8" thick
  • Is impervious to water or fluids
  • Will not mold or mildew
  • Will not develop or hold odors
  • Will not weigh more when wet changing structural requirements
  • Can easily wash off virtually anything including graffiti with power washer
  • Will not become a home for vermin or insects
  • Is printable for signage as well as paintable
  • Will not hold oils or fluids which could be a fire or toxic hazard
  • Takes much less space to store - each 30' section rolls up into a mere 11" roll
  • Can even be used as temporary roofing