Quieting New Zealand "One space at a time"

Quiet-Cloud® Industrial Sound Absorption Panels


Industrial noise is fast becoming a serious health and financial issue. While there are many ways to reduce noise within enclosed public or commercial areas, there have not been any significant advancements in reducing noise within harsh industrial environments.


Reducing noise in industrial settings involves three primary functions:
1. Providing as much sound absorption material with the highest noise reduction coefficient; (NRC) ratings possible within the area, comparing the frequencies of the noise to the frequencies absorbed by the absorption material. (NRC: The higher the number, the more noise reduction. 1.00 is the maximum.)
2. Placing a versatile, non-permanent, moveable noise absorption and noise blocking material as close to the actual noise source as possible.
3. Using a noise abatement product is able to withstand your particular environment for an extended period of time, meeting requirements for mold, smoke/flame, cleaning, ease of maintenance and repositioning.


Benefits of Industrial Quiet-Cloud


1. Acoustical NRC 1.00 (all sides/edges measure the same absorption).
2. As Quiet-Cloud panels absorbs noise from all sides, they typically absorb more than double the amount of noise a conventional sound panel will absorb. Additionally, when Quiet-Cloud panels are properly staggered, the ratio of perimeter-to-surface area can increase up to five-fold.
3. Fire Rating – 0 smoke / 0 flame.
4. Interior – Hydrophobic, non-fiberglass sound absorbent material can withstand operating temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
5. Exterior – Heavy gauge perforated aluminum, all sides mill finish. Electrostatic painting available.
6. Sizes – Standard and custom sizes from 91-inches x 43-inches (231 mm x 109 mm) and smaller.
7. Quiet-Cloud may be ordered to hang horizontally (cloud) or vertically from side edges (banner). Removable heavy-duty clevis pins with 10-gauge D-rings allow hanging from chain or cable. Panels can also be easily put into standard ceiling tile grid system. Panels may be ordered without clevis pins and D-rings for direct wall mount.
8. Lightweight.